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Robert Kohler from Sucy-en-Brie (20 km from Paris) wrote on 27.10.2020 at 19:05:
All this material is just remarkable ! So many unknown photos of the past, in such excellent condition, give precise feeling of the period. I wish I had known this before undertaking some of my models, some of your documents would have been very useful. Congratulations too for the texts, very explicit. If I may add one reason for the immediate international impact of french automobiles : At the turn of the century, quite a lot of wealthy foreign men made the trip to Paris to have a good time, discovering all the pleasures of the City, including the automobile, and they all wanted to have one soon. Most of petrol driven cars imported in the US came from France. They only represented about 10% of all cars driven in the States at that time, most were electric or steamers. My figures available show however twice as many cars in the US compared with France in 1900.
Robert Feinstein from Brooklyn wrote on 03.10.2020 at 10:02:
This is wonderful. Your research is great! I'm especially interested in Raphael Merville, because he co-invented a submarrine scope with the prolific inventor, Lieutenant Gianni Bettini, whom I frequently write articles about.
Gilles wrote on 13.04.2020 at 12:15:
Nice description, clear and complete acording to the Panhard & Levassor brand which we can consider to be the oldest brand in the history of the automobile. Gilles V. Secretary of The Doyennes de Panhard & Levassor
Vladimir Vershinin from Ottawa wrote on 14.03.2020 at 06:44:
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